joys and a bump

last night we went to cheer for jed's sister gina and the rest of the blazers field hockey team as they played pequea valley (3-0...nice job girls). we were buying our tickets and discussing the position the phillies find themselves in when jed's grandma, an extreme phillies fan, said this: "we need a miracle. come on j.roll". i loved it.
then this morning lillie fell off of our bed for the second time in her short little life. luckily our bed is only a mattress on top of a box spring and therefore is not actually that far from the floor. she came away from the spill with tears in her beautiful blue eyes and a nice souvenir bump on her forehead to remind me that she's now much too adventurous to be left on our bed alone.
i love that lillie helps me remember to enjoy the simple things in life. she'll sit and watch a fountain or laugh as i push her in the swing at the park with such joy and fascination...i don't ever want to be too old to appreciate things like that. yesterday i put her in an old diaper box and she was content for a solid 20 minutes.

she got her first tooth last week which i'm sure makes her feel very grown up. it's really just the tip that's showing, but let me tell you...it still hurts when she bites.

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Anonymous said...

this is a great idea
I love you all

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i agree, this is so cool.

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above comment is for mark jackson, as is this one