my sweet girl

lillie is growing up so fast. everyone said that would happen, and i believed them, but i guess that's one of the things that you simply need to experience before you fully understand it. she's so curious right now...exploring everything and getting where she wants to go even though she isn't quite crawling yet. i was getting her bath water ready the other night, came back to get her out of her crib and found her standing in her crib with her knuckles all white from holding on so hard. she's not my little baby girl anymore...but she gets more beautiful every day. here's some recent pictures of my sweet girl.

check out the sweet shoes

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Anonymous said...

It is true...they change and grow so fast. Who would have thought my little boy and someone else's little girl would so quickly have become wonderful parents to this beautiful Lillie! You are doing a great job! I love the three of you!
Grandma B.