fall break and an earthquake

last evening my brother mark, who is home from west chester u for fall break, came in to see us (especially lillie who absolutely loves her aunts and uncles). she warmed up to him really quickly and they had a great time. she climbed around in the love sac with him and reluctantly showed off her two little teeth. he left and lillie went to bed for the night, leaving jed and i some rare and precious time to relax without our beautiful 8-month-old. suddenly our apartment, and seemingly the entire house, shook like we were living along the san andreas fault. jed thought that our air conditioner had fallen out of the window, which thankfully it had not, so he went outside to investigate. apparently, someone had driven their car into the side of our house. how does that even happen? for some reason, the driver of the car decided that she needed to call the police, who arrived and asked "why did you call the police? usually you only call when you're in an accident that was someone elses fault...this was definitely your fault." i guess they just wanted to report it. luckily, other than a little bit of chipped brick, there wasn't any major damage done to the house. then just when things were wrapping up, the car's horn got stuck on for a solid 5 minutes...lillie slept right through everything. i'm glad that it wasn't really an earthquake.


Abby said...

Wow, crazy! Not many people can say that their house has actually been hit by a car. I am glad to here you were all fine.

The Lums said...

Hey laura! I missed you at les's this past week! Hope you are feeling better! Love ya girl! See ya soon!-Kel