michayla, jorden, and joshua

i had always hoped that either my brothers or my cousins and i would be having kids at the same time. this has yet to happen (which is probably a good thing since neither of my brothers are married and have years of college ahead of them), but instead i have the privilege of having friends with kids close to lillie's age. here's some pictures of a few of them.

michalya is 5 weeks older than lillie, so lesley (her mom) and i had the joy of going
through the journey of our pregnancy's together. here are michayla and lillie at the newly renovated musser park. click here for more about michayla and her mom and dad.

jorden is almost 3 months old and looks just like her daddy, darryl. here's a picture i took of jorden when we were at her house for "play group" the other week. thanks for having us kel. to see more of jorden, kelley, and darryl, check out these pictures. what a cutie.

joshua is the newest of lillie's friends. at only 2 1/2 weeks old he's a handsome little guy.
joshua's mom (janelle) and i have been good friends since high school so it's been especially exciting to see her become a mom. here he is sleeping. welcome to the world joshua.

what a blessing it has been and will continue to be to have close friends to share in the adventures of motherhood.

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