a magnolia birthday

jed turned 24 last weekend. we relaxed, spent time loving lillie, and baked cupcakes together. one gift that i gave my handsome husband was a cookbook written by the owner of the magnolia bakery in NYC, where the cupcake craze began. which brings me to the idea we've been throwing around recently...what if jed would go to pastry arts school and we'd open up a little bakery together. we could sell infantree apparel, perhaps some prince street cafe coffee, and bring a little big city trendiness to lancaster. i'm getting more excited about it the more i think about it.
later that afternoon jed and i went to see "gone baby gone" (which i would highly recommend) and out to eat at rice and noodles (a fun little vietnamese place on lititz pike). it's funny how birthday celebrations change once kids come along.

lillie with her daddy on his birthday.

a family shot...nice new glasses jed.

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Abby said...

I like your idea for a bakery, that would be a lot of fun! Oooh, you guys would definitely have to make whoopie pies, while not trendy they are happiness in dessert form.