an ambulance ride

i'm sure that most of you who read this blog have already heard most of this story, but for those who haven't heard, here is an update on this crazy week in our lives.

on tuesday morning, jed and i were both working at the cafe when we received the kind of phone call that no parent ever wants to get.
apparently jed's mom (who was taking care of lillie for the day) tripped while carrying lillie, and lillie's head hit the pavement. they rushed her to the ER at lancaster general. jed and i left work as soon as we got the phone call and met them there just as they finished checking lillie's vitals, etc. jed's sister kara just started her job as an RN in the ER (congrats on passing your boards kara!), so it was wonderful to have a familiar face there to meet us.

i thought that i was going to throw up when jed first got off the phone and told me, but by the time we got to the hospital jed and i were both blessed by this wonderful sense of peace and calm that continued through the whole ordeal.

a ct scan showed that she had suffered a fracture in her skull and that there was some minor bleeding. because of the potential severity of the injury, they wanted to transfer her to hershey medical center, because of the pediatric neurosurgery department there. so lillie and i took an ambulance ride to hershey, while jed and his mom followed in our car.

in the ambulance

at hershey medical center

my parents met us all at hershey, as did jed's sister gina and later on, kara. we were so blessed to have our families there with us. They doctors did a repeat neck x-ray and when it was clear that her spine was fine eventually removed lillie's neck collar and let her eat around 5:30.

with her daddy

looking so sleepy

it was clear by tuesday evening that lillie was going to be fine, but they wanted to keep her overnight for observation with the potential of a second night if anything changed. so lillie and i spent a long night in the hospital and sent jed home to get a good night of sleep (no point in both of us being exhausted).

lillie was finally discharged from the hospital around 1 on wednesday afternoon, after they saw that there had been no changes in her personality and that she was handling food well. we will be going back to hershey at the end of march for some follow-up tests, but as far as the doctors can tell, everything is going to be alright.

home again

thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. it's an amazing relief to see lillie back to her normal, crazy self. honestly, you'd never even know it happened. the most important thing now is that she doesn't fall and hit her head again over the next month or so while her skull is healing. as you can imagine, an energetic one-year-old who is getting ready to walk soon will make the next few weeks an adventure for me.


Ryan & Denise said...

Glad to know Lillie is going to be ok. We miss you guys!

Lindsay said...

I just randomly stumbled on your blog and I just wanted to comment that i'm glad your little one is going to be ok! I have a 2 year old and my son is 11 months, having your child hurting is the worst hurt you will ever feel. Glad everything is ok!

Brenda said...

Hey Laura-Just read the update. I'm glad everything turned out ok. My friend Joz, her daughter accidentally got knocked over at the airport and had a fractured skull at a young age. She's doing fine and everything turned out well. I'm sure the same is of Lille. Thank God:)

Brenda said...
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