party time

this past friday night we had a little party to celebrate lillie's birthday with our families (except for my brother ben who is out at goshen college. we missed having you here, ben!). if you haven't checked out the video in the previous post, you should. lillie loved being the center of attention (reminds me of someone else that i know) and was being a little ham all evening. it was such a great evening. i realized again how grateful i am for our families.

i've also been realizing in the last week or so that i am continuing to enjoy motherhood more and more. i'm not sure what has made the difference, perhaps it's the stage lillie's in right now, or something God's working in my heart. it wasn't that i didn't love being a mom before this, lillie has been such a blessing to us in this last year...i'm just finding more joy in it lately. at any rate, here are a few more pictures of the party.

thanks to gina for contributing this beautiful cake

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