just around the corner

i can't wait for spring to be here. i'm ready for walks, swinging, playing at the park and cookouts on our porch. we got lillie a swing for her birthday so we've been enjoying that in the last week or so as the weather has gotten slightly warmer.

other than a small bump on the side of her head (that is nearly gone), you would never know watching her now that anything at all happened just a few weeks ago. we have a follow up appointment at hershey medical center at the end of march, where they may or may not do a repeat ct scan.

she's started taking a few steps and seems to be learning so much right now. she blows kisses and likes to visit aunt kara's "sshhh" (fish)
named henry, across the hall. here's some pictures of her in the last few weeks.

right after a nap

with her tiger

looking all cute and grown up

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