here we go again

this weekend we had a family reunion with my mom's side of the family. on saturday we were ready for a nice sunny day full of fun and catching up with the relatives. but things don't always go as planned. less than 2 hours after we arrived lillie had an unfortunate accident on a wooden swing. i was actually right there with her and i didn't even see exactly what happened. i only know that one minute she was happy and laughing and the next second she was screaming in pain. when she was still not putting any weight on her right leg sunday morning, we took her to the ER at LGH. needless to say, it was not a very pleasant experience. after some xrays we came home with her lower leg in a split. they were fairly certain that it was just a severe sprain and not a fracture, but wanted to treat it as if it could be more than a sprain at least until we had our appointment with the orthopedic specialist.

so today jed took her to a follow up appt. at the Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster...and after watching her try to put weight on her leg the doctor said he thinks that it could be her knee and not her ankle. so another splint went on & this time it goes up past her knee to her mid thigh. she actually seems fairly happy and in less pain with it stabilized, although she gets frustrated when she can't get where she wants to go. we have another appointment next monday and hopefully by that point she'll be all healed up and splint free.
she's so brave.


Mark & Heather said...

oh my word guys!! we'll be praying. What a sweet little handful of a girl you got!

Queenie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm glad to see her smiling again in those pictures. . .It was pretty heartbreaking to see that normally happy little girl crying nonstop on Saturday. We'll pray she heals quickly.

David and Jessica Blackwood said...

Laura, Lillie is so beautiful. We will be praying for you guys while you are going through this time. Children, they keep us young and make us old all at the same time!!