the saga continues

i wish that it hadn't taken me so long to get around to writing an update about how lillie's doing. it's already been three weeks since she hurt her leg! for the first week and a half she wouldn't put any weight on it at all. it felt like we'd regressed 7 or 8 months with her crawling around.

we've had several appointments with the orthopedic doctor. at the second visit he told us that we didn't have to keep the splint on any longer, and that we should avoid carrying her everywhere...to see if she'd get tired of not being able to get where she wanted to go and start walking on her own again. within a few days, she was walking again...but definitely slowly at first. she was limping and wincing with each step, but being up and around seemed to make her feel more like herself.

gradually over the last week and a half she's improved to just a slight limp. she doesn't seem to be in much (if any) pain. however, when we had our most recent appt. with the orthopedic doctor on thursday, he decided that since she was still limping, he wanted us to move forward with the MRI that we had tentatively scheduled after the previous appointment. so tomorrow morning, we'll be in at LGH at 6 am so lillie can have an MRI.

I am confidant that this is the best decision for her, that it is better to be thorough now and sure that there is nothing major going on, than have her develop more issues because of it down the road. However, I am (of course) slightly apprehensive about my baby being put under for this procedure. I do know that she's resilient and brave. Plus, she's allowed to take her favorite stuffed animal (her kitty) and we get to hold her as she's coming out of the anesthesia. I'll let you know more when we have the results. Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow morning!

with her hair up and her dora backpack.

In other more exciting news, Jed also starts school full-time tomorrow, but thankfully, not until the afternoon....

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