two tiny tidbits

last week lillie and i were playing with her winnie the pooh and piglet legos. i asked her, "lillie did you know that pooh and piglet are best friends?" she replied with a firm "uh huh". "who is lillie's best friend?" i asked, thinking she'd say 'mommy' and jump into my arms. i was surprised as she tilted her head, pondering and considering her answer. finally she exclaimed "meeelllmo" and ran over to give her elmo the hug that i was expecting.

then today lillie was with my mom while i was working at the cafe. apparently, as they were driving back into the city to pick me up from work, lillie said, "yiyyie, [lillie] happy see daddy...happy see mommy". she is such a sweetheart.


The Lums said...

What cute stories! I like the new background too! It seems new backgrounds are all the rage! :) How are you?

Kelly said...

that is so sweet...I hope you and your family are doing well!