three years and counting

monday morning jed and i dropped lillie off at my parents house and headed for pittsburgh to celebrate our third anniversary! we had a great time exploring a city that neither of us had ever been. it was quite cold but we survived thanks to our walmart long underwear.
we ate at some wonderful restaurants, went to three museums, and enjoyed relaxing at our omni hotel (thanks hotwire)! of course we missed lillie, but we left early wednesday morning in time to get back for our christmas celebration with the burkholders (pictures to come soon). here's a window into our trip....

a few of the many bridges in pittsburgh.

a creative self portrait (above), primanti bros. (below)

one of the famous primanti bros. sandwhiches.
not being a big fan of cole slaw, i wasn't sure if i'd like it,
but it was great!

here we are in front of our hotel after some morning coffee (above).
after we took the picture of ourselves i wanted to get a better
one of the hotel so i sent jed to stand a bit closer to it
and that's when the birds came....

jed in front of the mattress factory (above) gallery.
we also went to the warhol museum. both were fabulous!

for lunch on tuesday we went to the church brew works.
it's a brewery/restaurant located in an old church.
we had possibly the best pizza that i've ever had.
check this place out if you're ever in pittsburgh!

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Mark and Heather said...

I am liking the new look to your blog and I can tell your are enjoying your new camera! We are seriously excited to hang out with you guys soon!