bethany beach week

all summer long we'd been waiting (especially lillie) for the first week of august to arrive. now it has come with it's relaxation and sunshine, and gone. lillie is at a wonderful age for exploring the newness of the beach, was almost too brave in the water, and loved being doted on my her grandma and grandpa burkholder, her aunts (and their boyfriends), and her great-grandparents as well (in addition to mom and dad). here's a window into our week of vacation.

sleepy lil riding the tram back to the house with aunt gina (above)
and trying to swim "all by herself" in the pool (below)

chillin with mom at the pool
and waiting for the tram with aunt kara (below)

one of my favorites from the week (below)

wednesday evening jed's grandma and
grandpa landis
took us all out for crabs.

grandpa landis praying (above)
the crabs (below)

any doubt that she looks like her daddy? (above)
after supper we headed to oc maryland's boardwalk.
i have two gorgeous sisters-in-law who kindly
allow me to follow them around with my camera.

i may get in trouble for putting this up, but i love it! (above)

us...me at almost 8 months pregnant.
a sweet reserve officer on the boards who
graciously posed with jed for a photo. (below)


marie said...

All I can say.....I am blessed!!!

Mark and Heather said...

love the pictures. hope to hang with you guys soon.