catching up on july

i realized today when i sat down to work on my blog, that i'm more than a little bit behind. so this is an official catch up post. enjoy!

we spent the fourth of july at the hoover residence in akron.
tim's brother, matt and his wife, hil
and their adorable little mattie joined us.

lillie especially enjoyed playing with one year old mattie.

tim's sister, meghan was also there for the celebration.
she and lillie came up with this outfit together (below).

another fabulous part of july was having both
of my brothers around for a long weekend.
lillie was so pumped to hang out with her uncles!

we spent part of our weekend together reuniting as the
jackson string quartet for my cousin joel's wedding (below).

our neighbors/landlords/friends have a fabulous backyard
which they've invited us to use as our own personal park
from time to time.
lillie had several play dates there
during the month of july.
one of these was with
her friend rachel (above).
good times.

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Mark and Heather said...

love the pics as usual...and love you too.