i'll eat you up i love you so

i'll admit that there have been some stressful moments around our household lately as we're trying to get back on track with potty training (major regression when miles was born) and are continuing to adjust to life as a family of four. that said, time is flying, miles will be 10 weeks old tomorrow and i'm less than three months away from having a 3 year old. i want to cherish this time. lillie's imagination continues to grow daily and she's getting better at playing by herself (or with her imaginary friends). miles is smiling, cooing, and kicking up a storm...melting my heart. so in the moments of stress and chaos i want to be able to stop and remind myself how much i love them.
and let me do something that i don't often do here...recommend a movie. jed and i went to see where the wild things are a few weeks ago and i was utterly captured by it's honesty. go see it, remember how to feel like a child. here are my wild things...

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