christmas festivities [burkholder/landis]

we spent christmas day with the burkholders. the highlight was the unveiling of lillie's dollhouse [lovingly homemade by jed's dad]! it was another wonderfully relaxing day. below is proof [sort of, since his head isn't in the shot] that miles really was a part of christmas.

miss sleepy eyes [above] all decked out
in her dress up clothes from aunt kara.

lillie showing off the sweet furniture that
we gave her
to accompany the dollhouse [below].

ben and kara [above].
gina [below] modeling her fabulous adult footie pj's.

on saturday we were back at the burkholders
to have the extended landis family christmas.
below are a handful of my favorites from our time.

lillie enjoying time with her second cousins
[elisabeth and alayna].

grandpa and grandma landis with all of the little ones.

lillie swinging [above]
and jed's youngest cousin beulah [below].

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