bethany beach in fall

two weeks ago, jed and i enjoyed a relaxing weekend away in bethany beach with our friends duane and kelly. the guys graciously joined kelly and i for a photo shoot saturday afternoon. here are some of my favorites of d+k and one of my favorites that kelly took of us.


Mark Buckwalter said...

I love all the new pictures on your blog! it is awesome to see you pursuing photography! ;)
love ya,

J.R. said...

Love these pictures, but where is that high-rise? The only building like that near Bethany is in Sea Colony to the south. Was this a day trip to Ocean City?

laura sue said...

thanks! we were staying in sea colony for the weekend, but headed toward ocean city for the afternoon where we found the sweet high-rise. :)

Bethany Beach Real Estate said...

Love the pictures! Very professional.