a buzz cut and ballet

these images are a tad old (hopefully i'll be done playing catch-up soon), but i thought still worth sharing. at the beginning of january, we decided that it was time for miles' first buzz cut. it took me several days to get used to it....not that i didn't like it, it just changed his looks so much! he was such a good sport (i'm sure the popsicles helped).

one of the most exciting things for us so far in 2011 has been lillie starting weekly ballet classes at hempfield rec center! four girls from our church are also in the class, so it's been a great way for her to get to know them better. this is something she's been talking about for more than a year and it's been so fun to watch her excitement in pursing something she's interested in! this image is of her waiting for the first class.

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Mark Buckwalter said...

that is so awesome she is in ballet and miles looks like a little jed now! ;)
love you guys.