lillie girl

i'm not really sure how it happened, but my sweet lillie girl is six years old. 



in fact her birthday was 3 months ago, but i'm only now taking the time to write about it (oops!). what a privilege it has been to watch her grow up in the last year!  

she started kindergarten this fall and has been thriving in it.  she loves reading/writing and is passionate about learning anything and everything new.  while we were cuddling and talking this morning before school, she told me all about walt disney...how his wife's name was lillie too (she was the one who came up with the name mickey for mickey mouse), how walt was the voice for mickey, and how the first mickey cartoon with sound was called "steamboat willie" (all facts that i was unaware of, but things that stuck with her when they read about disney in school this week).

she is compassionate and encouraging.  

she thinks deeply and is starting to stump me with some of her questions.  

her creativity and imagination seem to be growing & expanding each day. 

she continues to LOVE music, dancing, and having adventures with miles.

her JOY is contagious.

she told me the other day that she'll never be too old to hold my hand.

lillie girl, i couldn't be more proud of who you are!

at her request, we partied with some friends at chuck E cheese to mark this milestone!
we also celebrated her with our families (pictures below).

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